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If you have a drain that is particularly susceptible to blocking and causing you repeated problems, ABBA Drains Limited have the answer to your prayers.


By using a CCTV survey we can get in to your drain and examine the problems that are causing the blockage. Once we have identified the problem we will take the correct remedial action to protect against it happening again in the future.

The latest and greatest way to solve your drainage problems

Using technology in our war against grime

By employing the latest technology, ABBA Drains Limited is able to continue bringing you an unbeatable service, no matter what your requirements.


Our CCTV Surveys are helping a selection of customers from all over Ceredigion to solve their drainage problems, once and for all.

 •  An extremely accurate and reliable method for solving drainage problems

 •  Something that we offer that not all of our customers can match

 •  Cost effective

 •  Available to domestic, commercial and industrial customers


If you would like to arrange a CCTV Survey for your drain or talk to a member of our team with your questions, please use our contact page to get in touch.

Book your Drain CCTV survey now by calling 01970 832 960

CCTV Surveys are:

cctv imagery of a drain